Privacy Policy

This website collects some Personal Data of its Users.

Information rights and express consent

According to what is set forth in current Privacy Policy, Advertiso Gmbh, as owner of the Website, informs the User that files containing personal data from users and customers have been created by Downloadrun, which accepts responsibility for the files, duly filed with the corresponding public entity.

Downloadrun does not sell or rent its users' personal data to third parties with commercial purposes without the user' prior consent. However, Downloadrun is enabled to disclose personal data in order to (i) fulfill a legal requirement, (ii) demand the fulfillment of our policies, (iii) answer claims regarding the breach or protection of any third party's rights or its property or security, in the event they are affected by advertisements or contents. Downloadrun is enabled, as well, to share or transfer your personal information to:

Personal Data

The Personal Data and Browser Data (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Data”), automatically collected from this website (hereinafter the “Site”), by means of automated systems or freely entered by the User or the Interested Party, are collected for the purposes, and processed, as follows below.

Parties processing the data

Owner of the Data Processing System

Advertiso Gmbh
Pappelallee 28
22089 Hamburg
Marco Remmert

Kinds of Data

The Data that may be collected by this Site are name, surname, address, phone number, email, fax, social security number, IP address and other Data relating to the User’s identity or technical access to the Site by the User. When Sensitive Personal Data are transferred (personal data revealing racial or ethnic, religious, philosophical or other beliefs, political opinions, membership of political parties, trade unions, associations or organizations of a religious, philosophical or political nature, and personal data disclosing information about health and sex life), it may be necessary to obtain consent in order to process them.

The Browser Data referring to the technical use of the Site must be collected, and transfer is not optional. The User may freely provide the remaining Data, including personal information, unless it is expressly indicated otherwise. Failure to process certain Data (e.g. contact details, or addresses, or data concerning behavior or user preferences, etc.) may make it impossible for the Site to provide its services.

If the User utilizes the Site to publish or otherwise share Personal Data with third parties, he or she assumes full responsibility: the User states possession of the right to communicate or disclose personal data to third parties, and that they have received prior information thereto, thus relieving the Site of all responsibility for their improper use following disclosure or dissemination.

Mode and place of processing of the information obtained

Method of Processing
The Data Controller processes the Data of the Interested Parties and Users in a lawful and proper manner and shall take appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or unauthorized destruction of the Data. Processing is carried out using computers and / or telematic means, with organizational methods and logics strictly related to the stated purposes. In addition to the owner, in some cases, access to the Data may be available to personnel involved in the organization of the Site (administrative, commercial, marketing, legal, system administrators) or external parties (such as third party technical service providers, mail carriers, hosting providers, IT companies, communications agencies) appointed, if necessary, as Managers by the Owner of the Processing procedure. The updated list of Managers can be requested from the Owner by contacting the above address at any time.

The Data are processed at the headquarters of the Data Controller. Any processing of Data outside one of the EU Member States may require the consent of the User or the Interested Party.

The Data are kept for the time necessary to perform the service requested by the User, and the User can always ask for removal from the servers of the Site for legitimate reasons.

The use of the collected Data
the provision of the service or delivery of goods for sale purchased on the Site, and more generally, for administrative and accounting or technical purposes;

- The Provision Of The Service

- a response to specific requests for information by the User;

- a User update on new products or services provided by the Site or concerning particular business offers;

- the User to be informed of any Site maintenance or inconvenience;
any commercial profiling of the User;
- to display banners related to User interests (behavioral targeting / advertising);

- defense by the Website Owner, in court or in the stages leading to possible legal action, against improper use of the same or related services by the User.

Some forms of processing (sending promotional information, commercial profiling, behavioral advertising, geolocation, etc.) may require the express consent of the User or the Interested Party. Specific information may be shown on the pages of the Site in connection with particular services or processing of Data provided by the User or by the Interested Party.

Services provided by this website

The use of Data for additional purposes by the Data Controller, or for services for which it is necessary to collaborate with third parties, listed below, may in some cases require the free and specific consent of the User or the Interested Party.

Facebook App
The social applications allow the web site to access the data on your profile in the social networks, and to interact through your post. These services are not activated automatically, but require express authorization by the user.

This is a service managed by Facebook Inc., a company that complies with the Safe Harbor Privacy Policy Framework initiative, guaranteeing the handling of Personal Information in compliance with European security standards. The service allows websites to obtain information about the User within Social Networks (for instance name and surname), as well as to interact with his/her/its account, for example by posting messages or other contents. This service becomes active only after the express consent of the user, by means of an appropriate authorization window.

For further information on the use of Personal Information by Facebook Inc., please consult the following link:

The personal data collected are: Various types of data.

Comment services
The Comment services allow Users to formulate and share their views on the content of the Site.

The User may elaborate and share his/her comments relating the contents of the website. The User is aware that comments inserted are automatically published on the Site and are available to everyone. The User is responsible for the contents of his/her comments. The Site’s owner and the Data Controller are not liable for any information voluntarily disclosed and published by the User. If the User includes an email address in a comment, he/she may receive messages concerning notification of reply comments.
The personal data collected are: First Name, Last Name, Email, Cookie and IP.

This Website may collect, use, and share User location Data in order to provide location-based services. Most browsers and devices provide tools to opt out from this feature by default. If explicit authorization has been provided, this Site may track your location Data.
The personal data collected are: Geographic position.

Mailing List / Newsletter
Following registration to the mailing list / newsletter, the User’s e-mail address is automatically added to the contact list of recipients of the newsletter and information of a commercial or promotional nature concerning the Website.
The personal data collected are: Email, First Name, Last Name, Cookie and IP.

The registered User consents to provide his/her Personal Data to enable the execution of the services by the Website, and/or the purchase of products sold on this Site

The personal data collected are: First Name, Last Name, Genre, Date of Birth, Username, Email and Password.

Purpose of the information collected and Services utilized on the website

The purpose of the treatment of the personal information, the personal information collected and any suppliers of third party services involved are mentioned hereinafter.

Facebook Comments (Facebook)
The Comment services allow Users to formulate and share their views on the content of the Site.
Facebook Comments is a services provided by Facebook Inc. that allows the User to share comments on some pages of the Site and share them on the Facebook Platform.

Place of Data Processing: USA More information:

The personal data collected are: Cookie and IP.

Facebook social buttons/widgets (Facebook)

The User can share information and Data supplied to this Site with the social networks with which the User is registered, accepting their privacy policy.

Facebook Social button is a service run by Facebook Inc., a company that complies with the Safe Harbor Privacy Policy Framework initiative, guaranteeing the handling of Personal Data in compliance with European security standards. The service makes it possible to interact with the social network via this Website. Facebook, through the User click, acquires information about his/her/its visit to the Site. Facebook does not share any information or data in its possession with the Site or the Data Controller.

Place of Data Processing: USA More information:

The personal data collected are: Cookie and IP.

Google +1 Button (Google)

Google +1 is a service managed by Google Inc., which makes it possible for Users to publicly share information and to receive personalized content from Google and its partners. As the User clicks on the +1 button, this action is recorded by Google, along with information about the page the User is viewing. In order to use the Google +1 button, Users need to have a public Google Profile visible to the world, which at a minimum includes the name chosen for the profile. Google may display profile identities to people who have Users’ email address or other identifying information. The information the User provides to Google through this Website is used according to Google Privacy Policy. Google may share aggregate statistics related to Users’ +1 activity with the public, other Users and partners (such as publishers, advertisers, or connected sites). Personal Data are stored in Google own servers, located in the United States and in other country. Google adheres to the U.S. Safe Harbor privacy principles. Sometimes the treatment of Personal Data is carried on outside the User’s country of residence.

Place of Data Processing: USA More information:

The personal data collected are: Cookie and IP.

Twitter social buttons/widgets (Twitter)

This is a service supplied by Twitter, a company that complies with the Safe Harbor Privacy Policy Framework initiative, guaranteeing the handling of Personal Data in compliance with European security standards. By simply clicking on the Twitter push-button on the Site ('Twitter Button'), the service makes it possible to share liking of the Site on, without having to exit the Website’s page. In this way the User links his/her/its Twitter profile to the Website and makes this information accessible to anyone on the web.

Place of Data Processing: USA More information:

The personal data collected are: Cookie and IP.

Google Adsense (Google)

The advertising services, provided by third parties, may allow the Website to use User’s Data for commercial communication purposes displayed in the form of banners and other advertisements on the Website based on Users’ interests.

Google Adsense is an advertising service that indexes, also through automatic means such as web spider or crawler, all or part of the Data of the User's Website. Google may also record through special 'DoubleClick' cookies the User's behavior in his/her interaction with the User's Website. The cookies are used by Google and third parties to show different advertisements on the basis of User’s previous behavior.

The Users may decide to disable all the DoubleClick cookies by clicking on:

Place of Data Processing: USA:

The personal data collected are: Cookie and IP.

Google Analytics (Google)

The analytics services contained in this section, provided by third parties, are used to track User behavior and, in case of profiling, they can require the User's express consent.

Google Analytics is a web analysis service supplied by Google, Inc. ('Google'), which uses 'cookies' to collect Users’ Personal Data which are forwarded to, and deposited on, Google's servers in the United States. Google uses the Data collected to (i) track and examine the Website’s usage, (ii) prepare reports on the Website’s activities for the website managers and (iii) supply other optional services. Google may use the Data collected to carry out behavioral targeting of the Website’s Users. Google does not associate the user's IP address with any other information in Google's possession. Any refusal to utilize the cookies, by selecting the appropriate setup on your browser, may prevent the use of some functions of this Website.

Place of Data Processing: USA More information:

The personal data collected are: Cookie and IP.

Sendgrid (Sendgrid)

The email management services, provided by third parties, allow the Site to manage and monitor lists of the email addresses of their Users and communicate with them via email.

Sendgrid is a mailing list provider of Sendgrid Inc.. It makes it possible to manage databases of contacts for sending emails. The service allows the Data Controller to collect information relating to the date and time in which the emails were opened by the User and the numbers of clicks by the User over the links included in the mail.

Place of Data Processing: USA More information:

The personal data collected are: Email.

Privacy Control

Public Profile: All personal information related to the User is public. In the event the User has a personal picture or an avatar that represents them, such image shall also be visible for all Users

Electronic communications

By completing and submitting an electronic form to Downloadrun, Users expressly consent to receive bulletins concerning the most relevant news, innovation, and information regarding the website, as well as electronic communications relating to the sector and the following sectors:

IT, software and technology


Digital TV / Satellite / Cable

Fixed telephony

Mobile telephony

Purchase and sale of companies


Cinema and Shows


Videogames and multimedia

Music / Books

Training/ Employment

Downloadrun offers its Users, via previous subscription through his or her personal account, the following services:

SoftDownloadrun Newsletter (weekly subscription): The User will receive at his or her e-mail account all the information required to choose the best software: programs' comparisons, analysis and others.

Notices and alerts through e-mail related to downloading programs.

Special offers from Downloadrun and its partners.

Downloadrun has established a mechanism by which users can reject said services, simply and at zero cost. Users can deactivate this service by clicking on the unsubscribe option at the bottom of the e-mails received.

Information provided by minors

Users older than fourteen years old are able to register into without their parents' or tutors' prior consent.

In the event the User is a minor under fourteen, their parents' or tutors' prior consent is required for the handling of the minor's personal data. The minor will be never asked about other members of his/her family's professional or economic situation or their privacy.

The Rights of Interested Parties

Those persons to whom the Data refer, have the right, at any time, to obtain confirmation of the existence or otherwise of information by consulting the Data Controller, to learn about their contents and origin, to verify their accuracy or to ask for their integration, cancellation, update or correction, their transformation into anonymous format or to block any data held in violation of the law, as well as to oppose their treatment for any and all legitimate reasons. Requests should be sent to the Data Processor at the address cited in the “Data Controller' section.

Right to Access, Correct and Cancel Data

The User is entitled to access this information, correct it if there are mistakes and cancel their Downloadrun account.

Users can exercise these rights via the configuration menu in their personal profile, which they can access using their email address and password. If users experience problems while exercising their online rights or if they have doubts or questions related to our Personal Data Protection Policy they can contact us directly at:

Advertiso Gmbh

Kiebitzhof 1a

22081, Hamburg

Email: kontakt @

Modification of the Data Protection Policy

Downloadrun reserves the right to modify this policy to adapt it to future legislative or case law developments.

Definitions and legal references

Personal information

Any information regarding a natural person, a legal person, an institution or an association, which is, or can be, identified, even indirectly, by reference to any other information, including a personal identification number.

Browsing Details

Details collected automatically from the site, including the IP addresses or domain names of the computers utilized by the users who connect to the site, the URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier), the time of the request, the method utilized to submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in reply, the numerical code indicating the status of the server’s answer (successful outcome, error, etc.), the country of provenance, the features of the browser and the operating system utilized by the visitor, the various time details per visit (for instance the time spent on each page) and the details about the path followed within the site with special reference to the sequence of pages visited, other parameters about the operating system and the user’s IT environment.


Means the individual user of the Site’s services or products

Interested Party

Indicates the subject to which the Personal Data refers, using the services or the products of the site.

Data Processor

The natural person, legal person, public administration or any other organization, association or organization designated by the Data Controller for the Personal Data processing system.

Data Controller

The natural person, legal person, public administration or any other organization, association or organization with the right, also jointly with another Data Controller, to make decisions regarding the purposes, and the methods of processing of Personal Data and the means used, including the security measures concerning the operation and use of this Site.

Legal information

This privacy statement has been prepared in fulfillment of the obligations under Art. 10 of EC Directive n. 95/46/EC, and under the provisions of Directive 2002/58/EC, as revised by Directive 2009/136/EC, on the subject of cookies.

This privacy statement applies solely to the Site and is not meant to refer to other sites whose links are possibly contained therein.

Updated: January, 17.01.2014